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Many of us are still loyal to Mughal emperors and princes. In a modern democratic country, we can’t forget our roots and traditional customs. Mujra dance was popular in Akbar’s palace. He had over a thousand Mujra dancers who were famous for their talent, beauty, and skill. Right now, rich royal families in Delhi, Jaipur, Maharashtra and Goa book Mujra artists for entertainment. They sing Ghazal and dance Kathak rhythmically. We have modified this traditional Mujra dance by introducing flavor of Occidental culture. We can give you examples by giving you a few video clips on Bollywood mujra. It is more attractive because of emphasizing costumes, and postures of Mujra dancers.


For online booking, customers have to visit and move for fixing the dates to hire Mujra dancers for a particular event. We have smart and educated Mujra dancers who are involved with many social events, cultural programs, and corporate functions. Even they are also visible in the Bollywood silver screen industry. Get our beautiful sophisticated Mujra dancers for nocturnal entertainment at your guest house. We don’t have any special service charge which is expensive for you. Select the best costume for the groups to wear for entertaining guests. We give you total liberty to book any of our best professional mujra performers for a royal wedding party.

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We offer services all around India, Our Mujra Dancers are available for performances at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Panjab, Kolkata, Chennai, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Haryana and all other states of India.

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